Aircraft wheels maintenance, repair and overhaul

Aircraft wheels are operated in the heavy and aggressive environment. Its factors are high pressure, extreme temperature changes and corrosion. Despite their relative simplicity they can become a reason of very significant part of the total cost of the ownership (TCO). We are absolutely sure that the constant and correct wheels servicing during operation can enable to use them for a long time reducing the park TCO. Fortunately, failures of wheels in operation are extremely rare and usually are followed by the operator's staff rules violation, errors or incidents. Sometimes, servicing the wheels previously serviced by the other MRO centers we can find traces of standards violation which carry a potential safety threat. We adhere to strict standards while servicing the wheels and apply even more strict rules locally. Thereby we achieve the target for the customer - to make TCO lower and for ourselves - to build and support reputation on the market. Currently, we service the wheels of the Goodrich, Honeywell, Messier-Goodrich and Meggitt for a wide range of the aircraft. Please contact us to ensure that we offered you the most convenient and price-effective solution.

Aircraft brakes maintenance, repair and overhaul
Maintenance, repair and overhaul of the aircraft brakes can be quite expensive for operator which is making it by himself. Operator has to provide and support infrastructure, inventory and qualified staff according to standards requirements. Our shop can provide comprehensive aircraft brakes MRO with steel as well as carbon heatsinks. Now we can service Goodrich, Honeywell, Messier-Goodrich and Meggitt (MABS) brakes sending carbon heatsinks to manufacturer's facilities. Our logistics department provides complete services including transportation between MRO facility and customer's home-based stock (HBS), custom logistics, spare parts provisioning. We can completely or partially use customer's spare parts and consumables if they are confirmed with suitable documents and certificates. Please contact us to get a full information about aircraft brakes MRO according to your needs.

Wheels and brakes exchange and leasing services
BLMZ Technics invests heavily in the pool of the ready-to-use components in order to provide customer with serviced or new component by the leasing or exchange.

Our component pool now contains:

  • Goodrich A-319/320 NLGs and MLGs
  • Goodrich and Messier-Goodrich A-319/320 and A-321 brakes
  • Goodrich and Honeywell Boeing B-737 Classic NLGs and MLGs
  • Goodrich and Honeywell Boeing B-737 Classic brakes
  • New and retreaded aviation tires for NLGs and MLGs
Please note what we are interested in purchasing used Honeywell, Meggitt (MABS) and Messier Bugatti components for our pool.

Do not hesitate to contact us in advance to be sure your component is available at the store because our pool is in very active usage by our customers.

Aircraft wheels and brakes spare parts supplying
We have to hold a significant inventory of spare parts and materials to reduce risk of service delaying for our customers. So we always have a free material stock which we are ready to sell on your request (for instance in AOG) . We can provide very competitive prices for spare parts and material since we have direct contracts with manufacturers. We have parts and matrerials produced by Goodrich, Honeywell, Meggitt (MABS), Messier-Bugatti and many third-party manufacturers. Please do not hesitate to contact with us to get actual information of our stock. Come back soon and try our portal to get online stock information!

Special service programs (CPL)
The military service programs like Performance Based Logistics (PBL) already have many commercial aviation analogues and that trend is going to dramatically increase. The most popular those programs are between the helicopter operators and "low cost" aircompanies. The essence of those programs is that the operator fully delegates the components or whole aircraft park service to the service center (frequently affiliated with OEM). Typical payment terms of those programs are charging per event, usually per hours, landing cycle and etc. As we are the Company which is market-oriented and trying to offer our customers the most convenient way of the service we have implemented a comprehensive maintenance program of the whole customer's fleet wheels and brakes called CPL (Charge-Per-Landing). By this program operator is only responsible for the component replacement and has to inform BLMZ Technics about replacement plans and facts during defined timeframe. We provide any other activities including MRO, delivery, provisioning and so on. For CPL we offer two options: completely using of our component pool (similar to the component leasing with pay-per-landing payment terms), or we can use customer's component pool partially or completely. To get complete information about CPL program, please contact our representative.

New and retreaded aircraft tires supplying
Aviation tires are the most significant part of the total wheels service cost. Using retreaded tires is the common practice for many western aircompanies. That allows them to dramatically reduce tire change costs. Tires OEM guarantee that retreaded tires have the same usage parameters with new ones if they are retreaded according to OEM requirements. We are supplying new and retreaded aviation tires to provide comprehensive service to our customers as such as we can sell it by request. Please contact us to get full information on the availability of aircraft tires.

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