BLMZ Technics follows strict Europe an EASA Part 145 standart requirements as well as Russia Aviation Authorities rules. We provide personnel trainings on a regular basis, monitor for the OEM documents' changes (CMM and others), services bulletins and letter isuued by the OEMs and EASA.

We use and supply only those spare parts and materials which were certifled by the OEM. We also check traceability of each item according to the documents and certificates provided by the supply chain/ That reduces the risk of counterfeit spare parts and materials usage as well as incorrect storage ang processing of them.

All suppliers must be carefully audited in accordance with EASA Part 145 requirements before we will include them into the list of the approved suppliers and start working with them.

Approval Certificate, Reference EASA, 145.0479

CurrentComponent Capability List

BLMZ list of components c NG and 757

License Ministry of Industry

FAP certificate

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